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im victoria. im seventeen. im a junior. i have a fabulous boyfriend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

update <333

hello darlings <3
i have many videos to upload so just be patient. but mannn, my hair is already growing :/ its definitely a good thing but i wanted to rock that bob for a bit lol . i am cutting it again..this time w. more layers in the back.. and im considering getting honey colored highlights..idk yet . lemme know what you guys think ! i love you all & thanks for subscribing ! :D

Saturday, April 11, 2009


so lemme tell you all about my new love <3 GARNIER FRUCTISSS !
my latest hair regimen is as follows :
1- GF fortfying shampoo in Moisture Works
2- GF fortifying conditioner in Moisture Works
3- GF Sleek & Shine anti humidity smoothing milk
4- CHI silk infusion
5- KeraCare oilsheen
6- Paul Mitchell Moisture daily treatment
7-CHI flat iron <33

* wash twice with #1 . then apply #2 and leave on for 5min . rinse that and then apply #6 . leave that on for 10 minutes . once you rinse that, towel dry then detangle your hair . then apply #3 and #4 . i let my hair air dry completely then i ironed it with #7. for extra shine, add a little bit of #5 . then WA-LAHHH !


Friday, April 10, 2009

ughh .. just read .

hello my lovelies <3
i recently uploaded new vids on Youtube so make sure you check them out :DD
lately, i've been getting really annoyed with people on youtube . im tired of people calling me rude, stuck up, bitchy, and so on...GET THE FUCK OVER IT . you cant tell me that ur always 100000% of the time nice..? IMPOSSIBLE . if i were to always be nice about everything, that would be me being fake . & im not with that fake shit . so yeahhh.. im not mean either, IM JUST HONEST . you should try it (: like really, who wouldnt get mad at dumb comments and stupid people..i know im not alone . i was gunna make a vid about this, but i decided not to . im gunna stop making videos venting my anger cuz they obviously piss off alot of people . i also dont understand why people feel offended by the things i say sometimes ; its not that serious ..
if you wanna UNsubscribe, knock yourself out .
so yeahhhhhhhh (: its 2:38am and i have beach plans tomorrow so im going to sleep now . nighttttt <3

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i cut it (:

yessss, i cut it ! (: