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Friday, April 10, 2009

ughh .. just read .

hello my lovelies <3
i recently uploaded new vids on Youtube so make sure you check them out :DD
lately, i've been getting really annoyed with people on youtube . im tired of people calling me rude, stuck up, bitchy, and so on...GET THE FUCK OVER IT . you cant tell me that ur always 100000% of the time nice..? IMPOSSIBLE . if i were to always be nice about everything, that would be me being fake . & im not with that fake shit . so yeahhh.. im not mean either, IM JUST HONEST . you should try it (: like really, who wouldnt get mad at dumb comments and stupid people..i know im not alone . i was gunna make a vid about this, but i decided not to . im gunna stop making videos venting my anger cuz they obviously piss off alot of people . i also dont understand why people feel offended by the things i say sometimes ; its not that serious ..
if you wanna UNsubscribe, knock yourself out .
so yeahhhhhhhh (: its 2:38am and i have beach plans tomorrow so im going to sleep now . nighttttt <3


  1. I totally feel where u are coming from..I sub to ur vids and I don't think that you're bitchy or rude at all! You're real and to the point. If ppl don't like it, then they shouldn't watch ya vids! Ppl are so stupid.


  2. i agree. just because you're not kissing up to everyone, and what they want to hear you say, doesn't mean you're mean. keep on girl!