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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

update <333

hello darlings <3
i have many videos to upload so just be patient. but mannn, my hair is already growing :/ its definitely a good thing but i wanted to rock that bob for a bit lol . i am cutting it again..this time w. more layers in the back.. and im considering getting honey colored highlights..idk yet . lemme know what you guys think ! i love you all & thanks for subscribing ! :D


  1. i think you should try the layers if the dont look good itll grow out. but not the honey highlights. i tried honey highlights in lik 7th grd and it was HORRIBlE. Our hair is similar colors bc i used to get relaxers n the chemicals and products make it look a dark brown. but the highlights look gross. maybe it was just me but i dont recommend it.

  2. I think more layers will be so cute! IDK about the highlights though...ITA w/the previous comment...highlights were horrible for my hair too..but everyones head is different! so..give it a try if yah like.

  3. that idea definitely sounds nice and I'm sure your hair will do well too. Is your hair growing due to your new regimen or it naturally grows quickly? Please share, thanks girly.

  4. I think the highlights will be hot! Especially with a layered cut...I love layered cuts! It looks so not plain...lol! duh huh?!?!hahaaa Ne ways...yea...do it gurl!